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Lynette Wehner admit there inner struggle when he first got the job teaching at an Islamic school. Wehner was born of American families who embrace Catholic Christianity. Second-in-law reminded that Wehner is not affected by the teachings of Islam even though he just became a part-time lecturer at the Islamic school.

“The important thing, you do not convert to Islam,” so said the father-in-law.

For two days Wehner feel anxious to make a decision whether he will accept the task, let alone the schools require it to wear the veil while teaching. Hijab is something very foreign to him. But eventually he took a job teaching at the Islamic school on the basis that this first teaching experience will be a stepping stone for her future.

The first day of teaching, a staff member at the Islamic school that helped him wearing a headscarf in the staffroom. “We laughed as he tried various styles of hijab,” said Wehner who claims that morning feeling very relaxed in the Muslim environment. During this time, Wehner always held that Muslims are not friendly and always serious. First day at school turned to question Islam makes Wehner, why someone can be so easy to create stereotypes of others without knowing the person further.

“I learned many things on the first day of teaching. I am impressed with the attitude of the students, their knowledge of my religion (Christianity) better than the best of my knowledge and I ask myself, where they know all that,” said Wehner.

“My students always ask about my religion and it made me think ‘what I believe?'” Said Wehner.

Since childhood, Wehner was educated by Catholic teachings, but as an adult that he left his religious teachings. Wehner admitted feeling uncomfortable with Catholic teachings and felt something was wrong. He then switched to flow the other Christians of a more modern, but the flow was also not satisfy his heart.

“All I know, I just want to relate to God. I do not want my religion to be something that just makes me feel that I should ‘be good’ in front of relatives. I want to feel that religion in my heart. When it is, I lost its way but I did not realize it, “said Wehner.

In the Islamic school where he taught, Wehner many interact with the students who are age children. The kids that’s what led up to the light of Islam Wehner. His name of children, they often leave their textbooks at school. Secretly, Wehner often read books containing the teachings of Islam, who abandoned his students that after school lessons. At that Wehner began to feel that what he is reading contains many truths.

Furthermore, Wehner so often asked about Islam with a female teacher and a male teacher at the school. It can even spend hours to discuss and satisfy their curiosity about Islam. “Our very intellect Perbicangan and encouraging my curiosity. I felt he had found what I had been looking for. All of a sudden, there is a sense of peace that spreads in my day …” Wehner said.

At home, Wehner started reading the translations of the Quran. Wehner’s husband (at that time he had not yet divorced) did not like seeing his interest in Islam, so that Wehner had to find a hidden place if you want to read the Qur’an. Initially, Wehner had feared betrayal against his religion and hesitant to believe that there are other holy books, in addition to the Bible God has revealed.

“But I try to listen to what my conscience told me to read the Qur’an. When I read it, I felt some parts of the Koran was written specifically for me. Many times I read it and cried. But after that, I feel calm, even though still confused. It seems there is still something that holds me to accept it wholeheartedly, “said Wehner.

It took many months longer for Wehner to convince his heart. He continued to read, asked many people and do soul-searching, until there was a moment that the judge and decide to become a Muslim.

“I tried to pray in my sons room. My hands were holding a prayer book on the procedure. I was standing with inner conflict within me. I do not usually pray directly to God. Throughout my life I was taught to pray in Jesus. Jesus who will convey my prayers to God. I’m afraid have done wrong actions. I do not want Jesus angry. I feel there are big waves that hit me, “said Wehner expressed concern at the time.

But Wehner then think more deeply, how may the Lord was angry with his servants who want to get closer to Him. How could Jesus was angry at people who want to be close to God. Is not that what Jesus wanted? That day, Wehner convinced that God was talking to him with a strong voice, which echoed in the hearts and minds, that there is nothing to fear if he did he wanted to move to the Islamic religion.

“When I started to cry and cry. The voice is what I want to hear. And from that day I believe that I have embraced Islam. The decision is correct and there is no undisputed,” said Wehner.

Wehner two sentences say the shahada in front of the entire student Islamic school where he taught. “I became a new person. All doubts and my question is where and what I really believe, vanished. I believe I made the right decision. I was never so close to God, until I became a Muslim. Alhamdulillah, I am very lucky, “said Wehner closes her story became a convert to Islam. (Ln / IfT)




Since childhood, Angelene McLaren have built a deep relationship with “god”.

Of course the “god” who believed in religion McLaren who was born and raised in a Catholic family. He never thought to convert despite Catholic teaching recognition of confusing, contradictory and ambiguous.

Even when sitting in high school. McLaren decided to devote himself to Catholic. He attends Mass twice a day, to confession at least once a week and perform all the rituals that taught the priests, with a desire for it to be closer to “god” her.

But the more he knew more in Catholic teaching that dianutnya, McLaren finds more and more questions about this life that can not be answered by religion. The questions that the day pressing his soul like “Who is he”, “Who and what God is real?”, “Who is the figure of a model for him?”, “Why does god have a son?” and other questions can not be answered even by his own pastor. “My pastor just said that I should have a religion, and religion does not have to make sense, the importance of religious beliefs I was pretty strong,” said McLaren pastor imitate speech.

“The statement did not satisfy me, and when he graduated high school, I left church and started looking for answers to those questions,” he continued. Since leaving the church, McLaren felt the emptiness in her soul. To get away from that void, she began studying various religions from Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and mempratekannya. He even studied the science of smell magic though not to be used for malicious purposes.

“Many people who call me crazy. They do not understand that I am doing a search, the search for true love. But that’s all I’m disappointed because I felt that nothing matched with what I was looking for,” said McLaren. Until one day, his sister visited and McLaren was surprised to see the appearance of the brother who was wearing loose clothing and a full length with a long veil that covers the chest and stuck to his wrist. McLaren was surprised to see his sister clothes, not to mention it was summer and very hot air that afternoon.

After receiving an explanation, the new McLaren knew that his brother had become a Muslim. He was like a jolt to hear the word Islam. During this time he studied many religions, but never crossed his mind about Islam. Very minimal knowledge of Islam, nor may the information about Islam that he gained full of negative stigma about Islam. McLaren then decided to move to California, still without a religion or a desire to study Islam, because the negative stigma about Islam is still so embedded in his head. He continues to do a search and came at the culmination point where he felt hopeless and give up.

McLaren was trying to not bother about religion and he decided to live life for what it is. Two years have passed. He is engaged to one of his lectures reman. Life McLaren has not changed. Without religion, without belief in God. Deep in the bottom of his heart to say that her life was a mess, but McLaren tried to write it off until he experienced a strange night. At that time, before his return to his parents’ house in Michigan to take care of her marriage.

McLaren had a nightmare, my worst nightmare ever experienced during life. “In the dream I saw two men, her size is very tall and dressed all in white berdri at the end of the bed. I think they are aliens or angels, I do not know for sure. But I was very frightened and tried to escape from two men.

But the more I dodge, I feel closer to them, “said McLaren. He continued, “Finally, in the dream, we came to a very high mountain peaks, vast ocean lies beneath it, like blood red and hot like lava. Both men told me to look toward the ocean was and what I saw still I clearly remember until I die. Ocean was filled with people who are naked and are turned upside down many times, like meat roasted over the fire. ”

“People were screaming ‘help us, help us!”. I feel that what I see there is a hell. I am very scared. But when I told the dream to my fiance, he just laughed and said that my imagination is too excessive. But I’m hard to forget the dream, “said McLaren. When returning home to Michigan that he met with another sister and a cousin who was also already converted to Islam.

Her curiosity about Islam began to emerge, and then he asked his sister was to provide books on Islam that can be read. And McLaren’s first book to read entitled “Description of the Hell Fire”. “What I see in my dreams in the book. My curiosity grew, and I started a lot of reading and reading, came to the lectures, ask questions.

The more I learn about Islam, brain and my heart is getting stronger say that this is what I had been looking for, “said McLaren. He finally decided to embrace Islam. The issue was blocking, because her fiance did not want to come to Islam. McLaren had to choose between his fiancee or Islam and he knows the most appropriate decision is bersyahadat and become a Muslim.

“Allah says if you really have faith in Him and His Messenger, He will try you. That’s the test for me. Still feel the pain that is due to loss of a fiance, I still choose to convert to Islam,” said McLaren.

Now, six years McLaren has embraced Islam. He chose the name Sumayyah as his Islamic name. Sumayyah worked as a journalist and publicist. He lives happily with a good husband and blessed with a son.

“For those who really want a clue, Allah says that He will provide guidance for them from darkness into light and that is what God gave to me,” said Summayah closes her story became a Muslim. (Ln / IFT)